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Disclaimer this site contains a lot of technical jargon and can be a little overwhelming. If you do not work in the IT field what you should take away is that we perform and provide all the technology services a business needs. No need to hire a specialist for every facet of IT and technological fields. We offer a single point of contact for everything including seamless integration with all your technology infrastructure, services and software. Simplified billing with traditional pay as you go hourly, prepaid discounted block hours or all-inclusive flat rate monthly/annual pricing packages. Monthly/annual flat rate pricing for unlimited support or everything including all the PCs, servers, printers/copiers/scanners, WIFI corporate/guest, firewall/UTM, switch/router, wiring, software/licensing, operating systems, data storage/file sharing, databases, cloud hosting/colocation, domain registration, email, website hosting/development, ecommerce, SSL certificates, CDN, DOS/DDOS mitigation, high speed redundant internet a primary/backup connection, smart phone service/management, VoIP telephone system/PBX, multi office work from anywhere platform, automated network/system monitoring/alerting, auditing/reporting, backups disaster recovery, cyber security, antivirus, IP security cameras/NVR, single sign on services, two factor authentication, digital marketing, digital time clock, point of sales, kiosks, key fob or biometric door entry, QuickBooks, digital signage, maintenance covering everything, upgrades to latest versions, full replacement warranty and unlimited onsite/remote support. Not sure where to start? The free audit is the perfect first step that gives you a chance to meet one of our engineers and us a chance to document your technology infrastructure. With the audit complete, we can identify issues and provide the most accurate quote for ongoing services. To learn more, click here Free Audit. For a limited time, we are offering free on boarding and substantial Discounts for new customers. Unlike other IT services firms that require changing out your existing equipment for devices they sell and support exclusively. That or require all your infrastructure be currently covered by a manufactures warranty and your software/operating systems have active support plans. Which makes them little more than middle men. That maybe save you a little time but have you essentially paying two companies to provide the same service. We have no mandated prerequisites to sign up for or to receive immediate service. Making the initial process risk free, with no big commitment and easier than ever to get started. Please fill out the Contact Form, shoot us an email or give us a call/text to schedule a free audit or discuss whatever is on your mind. You can find all our contact info here on the Contact Us page.




    Also Feel Free to Email, Text or Call Us Directly @ 1-312-763-9609, [email protected] We Prefer Email or Text if Possible Due to a Large Volume of Unsolicited Callers.

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    Lakeside Techs HQ

    Address: 205 N Michigan Ave Suite 810, Chicago, Illinois 60601, USA

    Call or Text: 1-312-763-9609

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